Welcome to Slake

We are SLAKE, manufactured by CST Composites in Sydney, Australia. Since the beginning CST has been focused on the manufacture and design of cost-effective, yet very high quality filament wound tubing to service high-tech markets including aerospace, defence, automotive, mining and marine. Come and see why some of the world’s largest companies are working with CST Composites for innovative carbon fibre composite solutions. We provide applications and processes in the following industries worldwide. Our extensive list of customers includes:

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Aerospace & Defence

CST has been providing lightweight, strong carbon fibre composite products for the aerospace and defence sectors for a number of years. Our projects include work for:

  • NASA – Hubble Telescope
  • Canadian Space Agency – Next Generation Large Canadarm
  • International Space Station
  • Australian Defence Force – Minehunter Vessels

From precision ground-control-arms, pressure vessels and tubing, CST provides many specialised applications and engineering.


CST provides engineering of lightweight and functional carbon fibre composite parts for the automotive industry, who is continually looking to improve performance and reduce weight.

Some of our work includes:

  • Carbonart drive shafts
  • Carbonart suspension linkages
  • Carbon fibre testing rigs for Ford Motor Company


CST have engineered and manufactured composite solutions for the mining industry for many years.

We have over 18 years experience building the next generation of durable, lightweight and high performance ventilation mining ducts for underground applications.


CST has been at the forefront of skiff and dinghy mast development for over 16 years. Our masts have won World Championships in almost every single class we supply, including 12ft skiffs, 18ft skiffs, International 14’s, Moths and Contenders.

As well as masts, we supply battens, booms and spinnaker poles with spar sections in either elliptical or round sections.

CST has the capacity and tooling to produce large filament wound sections for 45-60ft racing yachts and are continuing to expand our presence in the large yacht market.

CST Composites have a team of top class professional sailors who test our marine products, resulting in several World and National Titles in Australia. Our CST Composites 18ft Skiff Team, Moth Team, l14 Team, and Windsurfing Team continue to provide important R&D to our products, helping us produce equipment to the fastest sailors on the planet and we are proud to continue this support.