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“MDM are a gamechanger”.

Our new MDM™ for foiling are here to change the game. These skinnier masts cut aerodynamic drag and reduce overall weight without losing any of the reflex and performance you have come to love from our masts. MDMs are simply stronger and lighter than anything on the market. Custom made to suit any sail brand, any rider and fit conventional sized extensions & bases. What’s powering your rig?

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Discover the MDM™

Wavesailors have long known the strength and weight benefits of reduced diameter masts (RDM) with thicker tube walls. Small sized slalom sails can benefit from the RDM’s improved aerodynamics of a skinnier leading edge but lose out in bigger sizes as RDMs become too soft and lose drive.

Our new medium diameter mast (MDM™) keeps the direct flex, responsiveness and ideal stiffness you want in the longest masts, whilst reducing drag for faster top speeds; and still fits conventional mast extensions.

Mdm Masts 1
Mdm Masts 2

Lighter, stronger, faster

Our Japanese sourced aerospace-grade carbon fibre, 3rd generation toughened epoxy resin, paired with our proprietary CNC filament-wound construction results in the lightest, strongest and most responsive masts on the market.

Moving from standard to medium diameter has helped us improve even further. Thicker walls but with overall less material has dropped the mast weights whilst improving strength. Our unique mast taper rotates perfectly on conventional cambers and fits your existing mast extensions.

Available in 5 sizes to suit all modern foil sails






Tip & Bottom section stiffnesses are entirely customisable from soft, medium to stiff.

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Don’t wait for the next container load arriving. We ship direct to your door with DHL. All our masts are built to order in 7 days from our Australian factory.

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