What’s in a mast?

Have you ever thought about the mast you put in your race sail? Is the weight the same that’s advertised? Is the IMCS curve the same as advertised? What is being hidden behind the colourful protective coating? Why are ferrules always bending or breaking?

The mast is the most important part of your rig; a good mast improves top end control, increases wind range and makes pumping and acceleration more efficient. A mast is the backbone of your sail.

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We wanted a mast built at the highest quality; virtually unbreakable but with a weight reduction and noticeably improved reflex.

We wanted a mast build process that is so specific, we can replicate any mast, any bendcurve to fit any sail.

We have developed that product. Built in one piece where the ferrule is the mast and a finish that reflects its pedigree. No dull thud when you tap a Slake mast, instead it rings like a well tuned instrument.

Introducing SLAKE masts, manufactured by CST Composites in Australia using the highest quality aerospace grade towpreg carbon resulting in the strongest windsurfing masts on the market built at the lightest possible weight.

Built using filament winding technology our masts’ unique winding pattern is your sign that you have the best possible product in your sail this race season.

It’s time to upgrade your rig.

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