Materials & Process

Using the highest quality materials sourced from our years of experience in the aerospace, defence & marine markets, we believe we have brought the highest quality windsurfing mast to the market.

Our development and R&D team are continuously pushing the envelope, developing new products designed & built in Australia to fit the world’s leading racing sail brands.

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Simply put, we are using the highest quality aerospace grade carbon sourced uniquely from Japan. Each batch of carbon is then tested in-house by our team to comply with our ISO-9001 quality control.

We use aerospace grade, 3rd generation toughened epoxy resins, allowing for a higher glass transition point. This results in a mast that lasts longer in the sun with a higher heat distortion temperature.


We use our own CNC propriety winding systems, resulting in the highest accuracy fibre positions (fractions of a millimetre), 100% machine controlled, with no human interaction, error and zero crimp. This allows every mast to be 100% repeatable.

Regular ‘fabric-wrapping’ methods give a buildup of material because of the overlap of each wrap. Our proprietary laminate winding technique smears the carbon fibre over the section you want, giving us the ability to specify where the bend goes. With our advanced FEA (finite element analysis) models, we can predict bends before the masts are built.

Our masts are cooked at significantly higher temperatures than other manufacturers, resulting in a stronger, harder mast with a higher glass transition point.

Mast Tech

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Each batch of material that enters our factory is batch tested on our Instron universal testing machine, by parallel coupon testing. Once a mast has been built, it is then checked on the Instron machine before it leaves our doors. This is part of our ISO-9001 certification for quality control.

We are currently undertaking a gap analysis to apply for ISO-16949 standard and AAS-9100 aerospace standard certification.